Managing You Bankroll In The Casinos

I can totally understand that self-control is a very tricky aspect that you should keep in mind in a casino. We walk into casinos to let go and have fun, but if we are asked to control ourselves in such a place, it can be a little trying. I highly suggest you control yourself, because you will be dealing with thousands of dollars. This would be thousands of dollars from your hard-earned and savings. Firstly, having a specified bank role, before you walk inside a casino is an essential part of gambling. You shouldn’t be the guy who has no idea how much he is going to spend in an evening, in a Las Vegas casino. You should be that guy who has no track of how much he has spent. Even if you are a millionaire, I highly suggest you keep track of how much you are winning and losing. A bankroll is definitely one of the most essential things you will have to keep track of when you go to a casino.


Even successful gamblers understand the maths and the odds which are relating to the games in the casino. Having some discipline when it comes to finances is critical. Managing all of your finances in a casino requires tons of self-control. Here are some tips:

  1. NEVER; never borrow money when you are gambling. The chances are that you might end up losing the borrowed money as well, and you will be finding yourself in a bit of debt. It’s even worse if you end up borrowing money from a friend or a family member, because you see them all the time and there will be a cloud of awkwardness every time you see them. Let me tell you that it is incredibly irresponsible of someone to end up losing someone else’s money in a gambling game.
  2. You should only bet what you can properly afford. You should gamble with the money that you are okay with losing.

gambling money

  1. Avoid any ATM transactions. Do not go to the ATM and draw more money, if you exhaust your bankroll. This will start an endless cycle of chasing your losses.
  2. You know that cocktail waitress who has been batting her eyelashes at you, because she wants to bring you more drinks, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. She wants you to lose; not all of your money, but some of your money. You know why? Because she would be instructed to keep bringing you alcoholic drinks, so that you end up losing, which in turn profits the casino.
  3. Following on the previous point, do not drink and gamble. The casino will serve you free drinks, limit your alcohol intake.

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